It is this courageous leadership our nation needs more of today that you will be supporting with this endowment

“While I was at Loyola we were constantly reminded that we were being prepared to serve God and others. Our tool set for servant leadership would be the three C’s – competence, character and compassion. However the one thing this school instilled in me and many like me which we do not talk about enough is courage. At Loyola, my courage as a leader was cultivated as we were challenged and tolerated as we questioned things. I always took this privilege for granted but having now had the benefit of seeing how our broader education system has prepared leaders for our country, Loyola stands out because it develops leaders of conscience who can act with the courage of their conviction no matter how difficult it may be. It is this courageous leadership our nation needs more of today that you will be supporting with this endowment.” _ Iyinoluwa Samuel Aboyeji (Class of 2007)


From the office of the president

My dear friends in pursuit of educational excellence and opportunity for all children, I greet you.
Every prayer, every good wish, every Naira and every Dollar that we give will open doors of opportunity for children that society may have left behind now and in years to come. Today we take a stand. Today we make a statement, and today we secure our tomorrow. Today we begin something monumental. Today we make history. Today we create an endowment fund that will shape and create a better educational future for our children.
So, on behalf of that child and all the children that will benefit from this fund, I say “thank you”. May God bless you all and may He take our offerings and donations, bless them and share them in perpetuity for all children today and in the future.
Fr. Peter Chidolue, SJ
President, Loyola Jesuit College/Member, Board of Trustees of LJC Endowment Fund


We must all be catalysts in this reaction for transformation

Twenty-three years ago, an experiment was conceived to test whether a new generation of Nigerians could be rid of the tribalism, classism and other schisms that had come to dominate life and living in the country. Like original sin, these divisions had permeated the fabric of our consciousness among the old and among the young. The boldness of this experiment lay in attempting to remold the intellectual and moral paradigms of children in their formative years, and to equip them with the courage to revive our ailing society. And so, the country’s brightest minds were convened in a secluded village in the center of the country to undergo this transformation. We were immersed in a language that was foreign to the majority of us, instructed by teachers from across Nigeria, and challenged by classmates whose origins spanned the country’s diverse ethnic groups. In our daily life on campus, it was difficult to distinguish rich from poor, Christian from Muslim, or Westerner from Easterner. The sea of unity bound us all together. We strove collectively, and we achieved feats together. 

In 2019, the results of this experiment are glaring for all to see. The name Loyola Jesuit College has garnered a resounding renowned name within Nigeria and beyond its shores for excellence in scholarship, decorum, and creativity. From the pioneer class to the most recent graduates, we have maintained a stellar reputation for being innovators in the sundry fields of endeavor that we pursue. Most importantly, we continue to respond to our calling to be men and women acting in service of God and others in all we do. 

The experiment started twenty-three years ago is no longer an experiment. It is a model to be sustained and replicated around the country. It is a beacon of light for education in Nigeria and a breeding ground for the hope this country needs. To make this possible, the Loyola Jesuit College Endowment Fund was realized. The fund aims to maintain and improve the stellar quality of education in this college, replicate this amazing model in strategic areas of the country, participate in education intervention activities in areas of the country without access to quality education amongst many other functions. 

The mission of LJC has never been more critical to the survival of our nation. We are living in trying times that threaten our cohesion as a single unit. More than ever, a crop of exemplary and competent Nigerians whose minds have been nurtured to place others before themselves is needed across the country. We must take up the charge to continue the experiment that LJC has continued so successfully. We must be the catalysts in the reaction to transform our national spirit and realize this nation’s immense potential. We, the alumni of this great school, implore you to take up this cause with us, and together we will yield a dignifying Nigeria for ourselves, our children, and many generations to come.

 by Chiemezie Ucheaga (President Elect – L.J.C. Alumni)


How may I help you?

William Wordsworth once said, “The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.” When I first met the trustees of Loyola Jesuit College Endowment Fund (outside of the well-known Principal and President of the college), I remembered Wordsworth, and found fresh meaning for his words.

The trustees were in the middle of a crucial meeting, setting in motion the modus operandi, working documents, and all that it takes to fuel the wheels of the endowment fund. I was whelmed with gladness for their passion to the cause. I heard them speak about the vision with very clear objectives and aimed performance targets. I saw them deliberate on issues with a sense of urgency. I felt their energy as I wondered what drove them, what pushed them into investing so much resources and energy in an act of kindness that might go unremembered.

Their enthusiasm was contagious, and it imprinted one question on my lips – How may I help you?

How may I help you push this vision? How may I help you ensure that the core values of Jesuit education do not go obsolete? How may I help you provide quality education for the indigent children who live on Loyola Street longing for an opportunity to be a part of our story? How may I help you educate deserving children of staff who cannot afford to pay the fees? How may I help you support capital infrastructural projects of the college?

How may I help?

Loyola Jesuit College Endowment Fund is a strong believer in the aphorism that ‘charity begins at home.’ We believe that the life of a child, orphaned, disabled, displaced, given the same opportunities as their counterparts, will produce equal value as a Kelvin or Awele here at LJC. It is clear to us that we may not be able to save every child but with a portion of our financial resources, we can save some children and we can save the future of Jesuit education.

Extending a helping hand to those in need is a reminder that we are all connected, and we need one another. Join us in this call to service. Put in a token today to enable LJC recruit top academic talent, and provide professional development funding for her teachers. Promote hard work and the strive for excellence by sponsoring awards to deserving students. Provide financial aid so that all qualified but needy children can access Jesuit education. Support the running of the college, or donate to improve curriculum development.

An endowment fund can be named after yourself, your family, your friend, your company or your favorite teacher. The most important thing is that your fund provides lasting support for students, staff and the college itself.

It is a privilege to serve. St. Vincent de Paul wisely echoed this sentiment thus, “After you have helped someone in need, thank them for the privilege of that service, for you have experienced Christ in the encounter!”

I know the burning question on your mind is, “How may I help you?”

This is how: DONATE NOW

BOT LJC Endowment Fund

A Speech Delivered on the Establishment of Loyola Jesuit College Endowment Fund on the Occasion of the 2018 Loyola Jesuit College Graduation Ceremony


Sir. Chike Madueke KSJ, NPOM. 

Chairman Board of Trustees

LJC Endowment Fund



I have the pleasure to welcome you all to Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja on this special occasion of the graduation of the Class of 2018 of this College. I congratulate all graduands for their steadfastness and for running the race to the end. You deserve every accolade and I want to give you a resounding round of applause. I congratulate the President of the Loyola Jesuit College, the Principal and the entire members of staff of this great institution. Without your dedication and hard work, this day would not have been possible. I, therefore, wish to give you a round of applause. To our dear proud parents and guardians, today marks a remarkable day in your lives as you have watched your ‘babies” scale through a principal hurdle in their lives. I congratulate you and wish to give you the loudest round of applause.

Located on the outskirts of Abuja, The Loyola Jesuit College opened its gates on the 2nd of October 1996. Academic activities commenced with one hundred boys and girls drawn of all faiths and all walks of life. The funds to establish this college were provided by the New York province of the Society of Jesus and The United States Agency for International Development, Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad. The initial 72 acres of land was provided by the Federal Government of Nigeria under a 99-year lease agreement with the Society of Jesus. We acknowledge the vision of the society and wish to thank them and that the Almighty shall continue to strengthen them in their endeavours worldwide.

At inception, the college facilities included four large classroom and laboratory buildings, student dormitories accommodating 300 boys and 300 girls and basic facilities. Today the infrastructure has expanded and more buildings added including the new massive facility still under construction.

Since inception, LJC has continued to post the best results on the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examinations as well as recording the best Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination results for several of those years, LJC is today regarded as one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria and indeed in West Africa. This is no mean feat and sustaining the same has become a challenge the students and staff have lived up to. Little wonder Loyola Jesuit College Abuja has readily become the most sought after secondary school in the land and the most academically selective secondary schools in Nigeria. In the year 2010 for instance, over five thousand applicants [5000] wrote the entrance exam into the school. Only one hundred [100] applicants or just 2% of the applicants were accepted.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is an opportunity to be a student of LJC, it is even a privilege to be a graduate of LJC and much more, an honour to be a parent of an LJC graduate. I, therefore, use this opportunity to welcome all parents of all graduating students of the 2018 Class to responsibility of sustaining this institution and supporting her in all its endeavours. You are now members of a privileged family.

As a proud parent of four LJC graduands, I and all members of the LJC Board of Trustees have volunteered to uphold the tenets, the standards, and principles that make LJC stand out amongst equals. It is against this backdrop and to build from where the foreign aids and agencies stopped that I welcome you to participate as members of the LJC Endowment Fund.

It was in 2014 that Fr. Emmanuel Ugwejeh SJ in realization of the enormity of the financial requirement to run and sustain this institution, muted the idea to put in place an all-inclusive Endowment Fund for Loyola Jesuit College. For the past two years therefore and upon the registration of the fund by the Secretary of the Board, Barr. Comfort Chigbue that we announce formally, the birth of Loyola Jesuit College Endowment Fund registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as a non-profit organisation with registration and certificate number CAC/IT/NO 79478 of 24th July 2015.

The LJC Endowment Fund is a nonprofit organization for the ongoing support of LJC. It is structured so that the principal amount is kept intact, while the investment income is available for use, for the running and development of the school and indeed other like institutions as the case may be.

This fund shall cater for the pressing financial obligations on parents in the pursuit of holistic quality education for their children and will assist the school authority in maintaining the high standard without any increase in fees arising from harsh economic environment. It costs about 600million Naira to run this school every year, Therefore, we need a huge investment that can yield us this amount every year.

Going forward, the Endowment Fund will create room for expansion in terms of infrastructure and increased, numerical admission figures. It will be of great assistance in maintaining and improving the human capital development. This Legacy is open to ALL especially, parents, prospective parents, grandparents, guardians, corporate organisations and friends of the institution ad litem.

We call on ALL LJC graduates OLD and NEW to join the Endowment Fund and to GIVE BACK to the institution that made you all outstanding world leaders and continue the legacy.

Let us join hands in the steering of this fund for posterity.  Membership as PARTNER, SPONSOR and or DONOR is open to everyone who so desires to be part of this laudable project. 
We sincerely count on your unflinching support and partnership.

Let’s build a better future for our generations today. May almighty God bless you and your family as you donate generously to this Endowment FUND.

Thank you very much and God bless you all.