How may I help you?

William Wordsworth once said, “The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love.” When I first met the trustees of Loyola Jesuit College Endowment Fund (outside of the well-known Principal and President of the college), I remembered Wordsworth, and found fresh meaning for his words.

The trustees were in the middle of a crucial meeting, setting in motion the modus operandi, working documents, and all that it takes to fuel the wheels of the endowment fund. I was whelmed with gladness for their passion to the cause. I heard them speak about the vision with very clear objectives and aimed performance targets. I saw them deliberate on issues with a sense of urgency. I felt their energy as I wondered what drove them, what pushed them into investing so much resources and energy in an act of kindness that might go unremembered.

Their enthusiasm was contagious, and it imprinted one question on my lips – How may I help you?

How may I help you push this vision? How may I help you ensure that the core values of Jesuit education do not go obsolete? How may I help you provide quality education for the indigent children who live on Loyola Street longing for an opportunity to be a part of our story? How may I help you educate deserving children of staff who cannot afford to pay the fees? How may I help you support capital infrastructural projects of the college?

How may I help?

Loyola Jesuit College Endowment Fund is a strong believer in the aphorism that ‘charity begins at home.’ We believe that the life of a child, orphaned, disabled, displaced, given the same opportunities as their counterparts, will produce equal value as a Kelvin or Awele here at LJC. It is clear to us that we may not be able to save every child but with a portion of our financial resources, we can save some children and we can save the future of Jesuit education.

Extending a helping hand to those in need is a reminder that we are all connected, and we need one another. Join us in this call to service. Put in a token today to enable LJC recruit top academic talent, and provide professional development funding for her teachers. Promote hard work and the strive for excellence by sponsoring awards to deserving students. Provide financial aid so that all qualified but needy children can access Jesuit education. Support the running of the college, or donate to improve curriculum development.

An endowment fund can be named after yourself, your family, your friend, your company or your favorite teacher. The most important thing is that your fund provides lasting support for students, staff and the college itself.

It is a privilege to serve. St. Vincent de Paul wisely echoed this sentiment thus, “After you have helped someone in need, thank them for the privilege of that service, for you have experienced Christ in the encounter!”

I know the burning question on your mind is, “How may I help you?”

This is how: DONATE NOW

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